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This guide describes the basic flow of gameplay using only two card types.

Assemble a deck of 60-80 cards, using only powerarmor cards and multicards. For the first try, include 15 powerarmors and the remainder as multicards. Shuffle the deck before gameplay.

A note on multicards:In the mapping phase, you can play them as materiel. In combat they are played as damage cards. In the equip phase, they are played as enhancements to your forces. Once a multicard is played for a given use, it remains exclusively in that use until it is discarded and reshuffled into your deck. Multicards are thus sometimes referred to as materiel cards, combat cards, or enhance cards according to their use.


Draw seven cards. If during gameplay you ever run out of cards in your deck, you may immediately reshuffle all your discarded cards, except powerarmor cards, back into your deck. You may never place a discarded (destroyed) powerarmor back into your draw deck.
Mapping phase
All players take turns playing up to two multicards as materiel. Each materiel card you play after the first must be adjacent to another of your materiel cards already in play. The total materiel sum listed on the cards you play dictates how many resources you have to spend on your forces until you put more materiel into play. Play the materiel cards in offset rows according to a simple hex-like map grid:
Deploy phase
All players take turns deploying powerarmors and enhances. As long as the cost of your powerarmors is less than the total of the materiel you have in play, you may deploy powerarmors from your hand onto one of your unoccupied materiel cards. So if you have two materiel cards in play you can deploy up to two powerarmors. No materiel card can have more than one powerarmor on it.

Provided you can afford the materiel, you may deploy any multicards as enhances under your powerarmors. You do not need to reveal the enhances to your opponents until used in combat.
Run and Gun phase
All players take turns moving powerarmors up to one adjacent materiel card away according to the map grid.

All players take turns initiating combats. A powerarmor can initiate one attack against any other powerarmor in one of the six possible adjacent materiel cards on the map grid. Also, a powerarmor can only initiate combat against an opponent with a lower stealth rating than the attacker's sensors rating.

Each powerarmor plays one multicard from your hand as a damage card per each equipped weapon per round of combat. You and your opponent(s) reveal the combat cards simultaneously and announce their targets. Unarmed powerarmors can always play one light damage card per round; enhances can improve this ability.

Two light damages count as one heavy damage, two heavy damages count as a grievous damage. When a powerarmor has sustained anything more than one grievous damage, it is destroyed. For example, a grievous damage and a light damage is enough to destroy any powerarmor.

Combat ends with the last combatant remaining. If a powerarmor destroys its opponent in combat, it moves onto that opponent's materiel card. The losing powerarmor (and any enhances it had) is discarded. Remember that powerarmors are not reshuffled into the draw deck like all other cards.

Continue with combats until each powerarmor has initiated a combat or all players wish to move into the cleanup phase.
Tally up the materiel you will control for the following deploy phase. Make sure the map (as represented by the grid of materiel cards) is clear of all discarded cards. Play continues with the next mapping phase.

Winning the Game

The game ends when all players but one have been eliminated. A player is eliminated when s/he has no more powerarmors to deploy, or controls no more materiel on the map.